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We have two meeting rooms of different sizes, both named after novels written by Regine Normann. Hall Faafængs accommodates up to 18 people and Hall Krabvaag up to 36 people.


The conference rooms are equipped with everything you need for both physical and digital meetings. Our broadband has a high capacity.


We tailor day packages for courses and conferences, also with catering throughout the day, dinner and accommodation if desired. Activities can also be organized and booked through us.


Get in touch for availability and prices, and we will adapt according to needs.

Our conference and meeting room can easily be turned into a party hall, well suited for weddings, birthday parties, christenings and any other celebration. On request we provide food, cakes and help with decorations and various preparations.


We can also assist with team building and tailor made adventure trips for companies, family or friends. We cooperate with several companies both in Bø and Vesterålen. We also have bikes and SUP boards for hire  among other things. It is possible to visit Sinahula, a cave where Regine Normann wrote novels in secret from her husband. You may also visit the famous sculpture the Man from the sea.


In summertime the sun never sets in Bø. You can therefore explore activities and the beauty of the surroundings around the clock, and in wintertime the Aurora Borealis dances across the sparkling night sky. The possibilities are endless, our imagination is the only limit.


Feel free to get in touch, and we will help you create the perfect experience.


Welcome to magical Hotel Regine in the adventurous surroundings of Bø in Vesterålen.

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