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The hotel is named after the author Regine Normann (1867–1939), known as the first female writer from Northern Norway. Her authorship includes 18 books, both social realist and historical novels, short stories, children's books, Nordic legends and adventures inspired by folktales.


Vesterålen's nature and the North Norwegian folk tradition were an inspiration for large parts of Regine's work. We wish to carry on the tradition, and now is your chance to experience the inspiration Bø has to offer!


Den gang 

Between holm and land the water was dead calm, with light, shiny green shores where the white sand bottom wasn’t overgrown with seaweed and kelp.

But outside the holm the fjord appeared blue in a fresh westerly breeze with a few calm spots under the Hadsel area. It was advantageous if people got going while the breeze lasted, he thought, and put his long-stemmed pipe down on a rock and started to ease the wooden box and the travel rug into the aft bulkhead. When that was done, he filled his pipe again, lit it and walked up to the boathouse.

– Regine Normann –

Translated by John Weinstock.

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Ansatte i Hotell Regine
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