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Hotel Regine – in the heart of Bø

Hotel Regine is a small and cosy boutique hotel situated in Bø, Vesterålen, in the north of Norway.   

You will be greeted with warm smiles, local hospitality and a pleasant atmosphere. 

In the morning we will serve you a tasty breakfast in our cosy dining room. The café is open every day from 10 AM till 15 PM serving lunch and cakes. Dinner on request. In season, June - August, the café and restaurant is open every day from 10 AM till 21 PM.


Outside the hotel you can enjoy the fantastic scenery with mountains, numerous hiking trails and fishing lakes – there is something for every taste. 


The hotels distinct character and inspiration taken from Regine Normann, one of Norway’s famous writers from the north, makes a good starting point for an adventure in beautiful Vesterålen. 




We offer 18 adventurous rooms with good standard, and every morning we will serve you a tasty breakfast in our cosy dining room.


All rooms are equipped with quality beds from Svane, office desk, bathroom with shower and toilet and everything else you need for a nice stay with us. 


The rooms are also equipped with smart-TV and free Wi-Fi. The largest rooms have a sofa group with table where you can relax in a quiet atmosphere. 


On the door of each room there is a quote from one of Regine Normann’s 18 wonderful books. The rooms are decorated with photos taken by local photographers. Should you fall in love with some the great pictures on the walls, you may buy them for yourself.


We consider nature and the environment to be important. Among other measures we have a 3-part source sorting in our rooms, environmentally friendly soap products and a binder with information on the different measures we take to contribute to our part of social responsibility. 




Weekdays: From 07 AM till 10 AM

Weekends: From 08 AM till 10 AM


Meetings, trainings, conferences, parties and celebrations.

Explore the surroundings

We can help you arrange activities.

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi with good speed for all our guests. 

Room service 

Room service available every day all week.

Food and drinks

Café every day from 10 AM till 15 PM serving lunch and cakes. 

Dinner on request.

In season, June - August, 

the café and restaurant is open every day from 10 AM till 21 PM


Den gang 

To the south and southeast were the Lofoten mountains. Cold and distant they stood now, but the sun spread its radiance over the bluish peaks and the deep clefts and loaned the old snow a golden gleam. It was almost as if they lay and floated on the water.

Toward the east the fjord wasn’t fully as wide, for there the beautiful, wooded Hadsel island divided it lengthwise.

Toward the north it branched into many arms and tapered in between ridges and mountains in a myriad of bays and round fjords and sounds, with a throng of islands, holms and skerries in by the beaches and far out.

– Regine Normann –

Translated by: John M. Weinstock

Foto: Børre Albrigtsen


In the immediate area there is a bird reserve with a birdwatching tower, fishing lakes with both salt water and fresh water, prepared ski sloapes in the winter season and coastal paths and hiking trails in the mountains the rest of the year. During daytime in winter you can also go ice fishing or ice skating. In the evening you can enjoy the fantastic northern lights. There are also many great summit hikes for multiple levels nearby.

RIB boat trip

Join a RIB boat trip.

SUP board

Rent a SUP board, paddle and explore the beautiful lakes, beaches and the spectacular coastline. 

Tailor-made guided tours

We offer guided tours tailored to your desires and needs.

Northern lights safari

Experience the majestic Northern lights soar across the sky in Bø, Vesterålen. 

Moose safari

Guided tours to see the moose in its true element.

Midnight sun and animal safari

It’s magical to see the animals up close in the midnight sun. 

Sea eagle safari

Join a guided tour to see and capture the majestic sea eagle on camera. 

Bird photography

Our private bird photography tours give you a great opportunity to snap the best pictures of the bird species in Bø.

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